Our Commitment to Data Privacy and Security

1Introduction to Our Compliance Philosophy
We emphasize strict adherence to Chrome Web Store Developer Program Policies, focusing on user privacy and data security as core components of our service.
2Data Usage Compliance
Our Email Finder extension collects only necessary data to perform its function—identifying and collecting email addresses. We transparently inform users about this data usage, ensuring it aligns with consent and policy requirements.
3Functionality and Privacy
The extension's functionalities, including email discovery and lead generation, are designed with privacy-first principles, ensuring they comply with relevant policies while enhancing user productivity.
4Prioritizing User Privacy
We implement advanced data protection measures such as encryption and anonymization to safeguard user information against unauthorized access.
5Data Security Measures
Our security protocols include regular audits and adherence to industry standards to prevent data breaches, ensuring user data remains secure.
6Continuous Policy Alignment
We continuously monitor policy changes to ensure our practices remain compliant, adjusting our operations as necessary to maintain the highest standards of privacy and security.
7User Control and Rights
Users have full control over their data, with options to access, correct, or delete their information upon request, empowering them with transparency and control.
8Contact Information
For inquiries or concerns about data privacy and security, users can contact us at info@launchmediausa.com, where our dedicated team is available to assist.
9Certification and Assurance
We certify our compliance with Chrome Web Store Developer Program Policies, reaffirming our commitment to delivering a secure and reliable service that prioritizes user trust and safety.